Sunday, December 27, 2015

Goodbye 2015 ... Hello 2016 Sale!

We hope each of you had a wonderful holiday season and that Santa brought you something wonderful!! We love this time of year because it’s always exciting to reminisce over the past twelve months while looking forward with aspiring HEARTS. We have BIG plans for you all so what better way to get the SWOON and LOVE flowing than with a SALE!

For one week, the Queens of Romance are hosting their


What does that mean? It means we’re offering ELEVEN bestselling romance titles, an amazing selection of paranormal and contemporary, for the IRRESISTIBLY perfect 
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Here’s an extra incentive – the sooner you take advantage of these deals, the LOWER THE PRICE. Want to get the books for 99c? Click on the links starting TODAY. As each day moves toward January 2nd, the titles return to their regular $2.99 prices.

If you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, GOOD NEWS … these books are available for FREE!! Holy cow!! 11 books for FREE.
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So Happy New Year, everyone, and Happy #OneClicking!

Amazon Author Page:
The Secret (Contemporary)
Mr. Hollywood (Contemporary)
Coven (PNR)
Fire And Ice (PNR)

Co-Authored with Belinda Boring
Angel Kissed  (PNR)

Amazon Author Page:
Loving Liberty (Contemporary)
Bittersweet Melody (Contemporary)
Broken Promise (PNR)

Amazon Author Page:
Taking Chances (Contemporary)
Watching Over Me (Contemporary)
Swept Away (Pirate Time Travel)

Monday, December 14, 2015

Free Reads on Kindle Unlimited!

Free Reads on Kindle Unlimited!

Amazon Kindle Unlimited Readers will be excited to know that The Queens of Romance have a number of books available for FREE READING through that program!

Check out these awesome bestsellers!!

Belinda Boring Books:

Bittersweet Melody: Adult Contemporary Romance

Nothing good ever comes from war, but sometimes there is a need to fight. Cooper Hensley loved serving his country, but one fateful patrol throws his life into a total tailspin when his best friend is killed. Tortured and lost, he believes his worthless life is over, and when love comes calling, he is determined to deny it. But love has a different plan.

Broken Promises: Adult Urban Fantasy Romance

It started out perfectly. A simple  date  night to catch a  movie, but 
Brianna Lane didn't have a clue that the whole world was just about to
change. Caught up in the middle of a massive Fae invasion, Bri's hunky
boyfriend is turned to "the dark side." Uncertain which way to turn, Bri 
runs for her life, reaching out to her family for help. But even more surprises await her as she discovers not only is she from a  race of special protectors, but it is her job to help stop the Fae invasion. Determined to save her love and the human race, Bri sets out on an adventure where only the  survivors will walk away as winners.

Loving Liberty: New Adult Contemporary Romance

Everyone always dreams of growing up rich. Everyone except Liberty that is. While it seems to those on the outside that she is living the life of privilege, inside Liberty is slowly dying. Manipulated by controlling parents, and a vengeful sibling, she find solace in the arms of a waiter at her parents country club, during a charity function. But when her parents find out, they are furious. A waiter isn't good enough for their daughter. Liberty is forced to either accept their wishes, or risk being completely disowned. To a girl born with a silver spoon in her mouth, both prospects sound terrifying.

Angel Kissed: New Adult Paranormal Romance
(Co-authored with Lacey Weatherford) 

Skyler Blue is a young girl in a big city. Moving to San Francisco, she is totally pumped to start her new art school, until she literally has a run in with her neighbor. Tall, dark, and mysterious, Ryder instantly captures Skylar's interest, but she has no idea of the ancient secrets that lie hidden behind his starling blue eyes . . . secrets that are literally, out of this world.

Kamery Solomon Books:

Swept Away: Action/Adventure Time-Travel Romance

Buried treasure? Who wouldn't perk up at those words? Samantha Greene, that's who. She has no desire to hear anymore of her estranged father's ramblings about the mysterious "Treasure Pit" he claims to know the location of on Oak Isle. That treasure hunt broke up her parents marriage. It cursed everyone who tried to find it, sucking up all their funds. But when Sam is left to fulfill her mother's last request to spread her ashes, she finds herself back on the island with her dad. Things take a sudden turn when she opens a rare bottle, finding herself catapulted back through time, and into the arms of the handsome pirate who hid the treasure in the first place.

Taking Chances: New Adult Contemporary Romance

Dream big or go home. That has always been Mara's philosophy, so when the opportunity to move to New York is presentd, so she can pursue a Broadway career, she can't jump on board fast enough. Unfortunately, she quickly learns, as most actors do, that breaking into the "biz" isn't nearly as easy as she thought it would be. However, she catches the eye of an oh-so-handsome and wealthy businessman. Before she knows it, she is being caught up in a beautiful romance, or is she? Just when everything is starting to look up, Mara realizes that her roommates brother is noticing her too. He's not rich, but he's definitely handsome. From that moment, the race is on to see who will capture her heart permanently.

Watching Over Me: New Adult Contemporary Romance

Someone haunts the halls of the dance academy, always watching, listening and waiting. Despite feeling a bit nervous about being alone in the practice room, Scarlet knows she has to rehearse, or she isn't going to make the crucial end of the year performance where everyone gets hire. Her ankle injury is not cooperating with her though, leaving her aching and feeling frustrated, until late one night. Whoever is watching leaves her note, telling her they can help, but she must remain blindfolded the entire time. Puzzled by the request, Scarlet wonders if she can accept, but fear of missing the show soon overwhelms her. Upon "meeting" her benefactor however, she soon realizes that she may be dancing with the devil himself. Will he help her achieve her goals, or will he ruin her in the night, while no one is there to see?

Lacey Weatherford Books:

Mr. Hollywood: Adult Contemporary Romance

Zane McCartney had it all, except the one thing he really wanted. Aubrey Harte. It's his own fault she is missing from his life. He screwed up badly, and he knows it. He's certain that Aubrey will never be able to find it in her heart to forgive him of his terrible crimes against her. Caught up in misery over his choices, he buries his sorrows in anything that might help him forget her, but nothing works. Addicted to drugs and alcohol, Zane ends up in rehab, only to find that his lost love works at this very facility. Life has given him another chance, and this time, he's determined not to mess it up . . . now if he can only get Aubrey to agree. But Aubrey has secrets of her own, and those revelations with rock Zane to his very core.

The Secret: New Adult Contemporary Romance

Anna's had a long time crush on her best friend's older brother, Caleb. When her best friend suddenly commits suicide, seemingly out of the blue, Anna and Caleb are thrown together, searching for answers. But when Caleb discovers his sister's secret and why she chose to die, he is devastated. Unable to tell Anna the truth, he knows this revelation may cause him to lose her forever, something he is unwilling to risk. For as long as she has secretly pined for him, he's been doing the same for her. But secrets always have a way of coming out, and when this one does, it's explosive.

Coven: Young Adult Paranormal Romance

From no boyfriends to two boyfriends, Kenna Mangum has some pretty fun problems. After a sequestered life of being raised in an ancient forest while her father taught her magic, Kenna is finally getting to experience public life and school for the first time. Hot guys, Jett and Seth, keep her on her toes, but they are only half the fun of living in one of the most famous witch meccas of the world, Salem, Massachusetts. As Halloween approaches, Kenna is fascinated, eagerly exploring everything she can. But something evil is in the works, and though Kenna has obvious questions about the strange happenings, she chooses to ignore them for the time being, not wanting to worry her parents. Her hesitation will rock the existence of everyone, however, and she will quickly learn, when in doubt . . . don't.

Angel Kissed: New Adult Paranormal Romance 
(Co-authored with Belinda Boring)

Skyler Blue is a young girl in a big city. Moving to San Francisco, she is totally pumped to start her new art school, until she literally has a run in with her neighbor. Tall, dark, and mysterious, Ryder instantly captures Skylar's interest, but she has no idea of the ancient secrets that lie hidden behind his starling blue eyes . . . secrets that are literally, out of this world.

Fire & Ice: Young Adult Paranormal Romance

Powerful warlocks should have an easy, awesome life, right? Not so for Vance Mangum. Despite his magical abilities and swoony bad boy good looks, Vance has a life that no one would be envious of, one filled with running as he tries to stay alive. Secreted away to the small Arizona town of Sedona, Vance manages to secure a place in a local coven who offers to protect him. However, he soon find himself falling for the coven leader's daughter, Portia. There's only one problem. She knows nothing of witches and warlocks, and he's just promised her father not to interact with her, something he is repeatedly kicking himself over. But that's okay. If there's one thing Vance has learned in his life on the run, it is to take nothing for granted. And Portia is on the top of his list of priorities now, even if it gets him killed.

**The Amazon Store Links for all three of these #1 Bestselling Authors are located at the bottom of the page! Thank for your continued support! We hope you have a wonderful 
Happy Holiday Reading Season!